And the Poets Down Here...
Remind Me Of My Younger Days

Remind me of my younger days.
Etched in my memories
times we went cruising down Ocean Avenue.
Street lights flash sounds of
The City By the Sea
rush through my head.
Living the fast life doing what
feels right with no fears or regrets.
Show me a glimpse of the reckless nights
the chances I took that gave me my name.

Remind me of my younger days.
Playing my guitar on the boardwalk,
crowds stop by to listen throwing cash
in my open guitar case,
Just enough money to stop by
Stone Pony and Mrs.Jays.

Walking By:
A crazy lady shaking her head
spewing out words that no one could understand.
A homeless man with bags in his hands looking
like he's been to hell and back.
Jersey girls giving glances looking for boys
to hook up with for the night,
Lots of Jersey guys
hoping they would have the chance.

Remind me of my younger days.
The never forgotten "Johnny Bass"
always there Creating timeless
works of Art causing all to
take notice
the Beauty Of The Shore.

Fast times went by too fast
The City By The Sea had it all.
Bands playing at the bars on the strip.
one night stands, Hookers,Gipsy's, Hippies,
Bikers, Cruisers, Wasted Youths,
looking to find excitement
to feel life in the flesh.
Remind me of my younger days.