Save Tillie... Beyond the Palace

   One  of  the  most  popular  coin-operated  attractions  at Palace Amusements
has  returned  to  Asbury  Park,  15  years  after  it was  sold  to shop keepers in Vermont, and is now a major attraction at a Cookman Avenue store.

      For  over  three  decades,  the Palace's photo booth produced strips of four black  and  white  wallet  sized  photos  of  visitors to the Shore side amusement park.  Now  refurbished by Save Tillie, the booth is back in service on the lower level of The Shoppes At the Arcade, 685 Cookman Ave.

    The  booth  entered  the  Palace  in the late 1950s and remained in operation there  until  the  Palace  closed in late 1988.  For a time thereafter, it operated at Sandy's  Arcade on the Boardwalk, and eventually was sold to Slim and Pamela Smith,  a  Jersey  Shore  couple  who had moved to Burlington, Vermont where they  operated  a  clothing  store.  The  Smiths  operated  the  booth  in stores in Burlington and Bristol, before donating it to Save Tillie last winter.

      Save Tillie member Dan Toskaner refurbished the operating mechanisms of the  booth  over  the  winter  and s pring,  giving it a new strobe light and making other  mechanical  improvements.  In  appearance,  however,  Toskaner said the booth will be completely  familiar  to  those who used it at the Palace, down to a collage of very old photo strips including pictures of employes of the Palace  and Sandy's Arcade.

   A  special  thanks  to  Toskaner  and  Frank  Saragnese,  also  a  Save  Tillie member, for installing the photo booth at the Arcade.
Save Tillie
Beyond the Palace