And the Poets Down Here...
The Memories and Magic of Asbury Park
by Kathleen Cherry

T'was one day in the hot summer sun,
walking upon the boards among the crowd,
I could hear the song of a calliope had begun,
and the sounds of arcade bells ringing quite loud.

With the warmth of the sun upon my face
and a gentle breeze blowing through my hair,
I began to feel the magic of this wondrous place
like that of a precious gift you want to share.

With my grandparents and my brother at my side
and a pretzel and soda so tightly grasped in my hand,
I'd look at the many faces of a town so full of pride,
glowing smiles that flooded this little wonderland.

With the song of a carousel filling my listening ears,
and the brilliant lights piercing my sparkling eyes,
up ahead, the sight of dancing horses soon appears,
but having to wait for my turn was no surprise.

As I wait in line, I couldn't help but see
what looked like a castle in brilliant green
With that cheerful grinning face that had greeted me.
It was then I knew the Palace Amusements is what I'd seen.

If only to enter to feel the magic and wonder,
to go in the funhouse and the Tunnel of Love,
only to be too young was my one and only blunder,
but the fun I had was a precious gift from above.

With the day nearing to a gentle close
and to go home the crowds soon to embark,
t'was from those good ol' days this poem arose,
the magic and memories of Asbury Park.