And the Poets Down Here...
by Heshy Rosenwasser

We're gonna buy that old building
Make it a national monument
Move the music back in and give the old times a new spin
Let's get on with it
We're gonna buy that old building
Plaster posters on the wall
Gonna party past midnight every night all night
We're gonna have a ball
We're gonna live out our dreams
'Cause we must persevere
We're gonna be everything we couldn't be
In those years

We're gonna buy that old building
Put a recording studio inside
We'll take all the risks and put all our songs on disk
We'll have the greatest band of all time
We're gonna buy that old building
Gonna dig in real deep
Fix the leaks clean the floors all the windows and doors
We'll be playing for keeps
We're gonna rebuild the glory
'Cause we can't let it die
And if anybody tells you it can't be done
They're telling you a lie

Just back in time for the renaissance
We're gonna do it right and get a good response
Put that carousel where its rightful place is
Give this town a reason to live

We're gonna buy that old building
Make it what it used to be and more
Keep the arcades in place and give the arena a new face
The premier spot on the shore
We're gonna buy that old building
Shine it up till it gleams
Turn on all the lights for one thousand one summer nights
Pack it tight till it bursts at the seams
We gotta reinstate the crown
And bring back the pride
We can't let it all fall into the water
There's too much history inside

Don't demolish what keeps this town alive
Don't let some grandiose plan cloud your eyes
Don't bring it all to an end
It's gonna live breathe and jump again