And the Poets Down Here...
Tears of a Clown
By Bob Della Fave

He sits up high on the teal sea-green wall
Perpetually suspended in a state of ignorant bliss
He smiles gleefully while the cancer eats away his insides
He smiles through the snows of winter, the breezes of Fall
Through the pollen of Spring, the beating rays of Summer
His smiles reminds us of our own smiles
When we were young
His ear to ear grin reminds us of simpler times
Of days filled with the the carousel's song
The smell of popcorn and cotton candy
Days we wished would last forever
Days that ended too fast
Days when Dad wore shorts
And Mom wore flip flops
He smiles down on us now, unrelentingly optimistic
Giving all outward appearances of eternal joy
But if you look closely, very very closely
You will see a tear in the corner of his eye
Still he smiles
Weather-beaten and chipped, he smiles
Marked and defaced, he smiles
Reminding us to smile
Assuring us that our memories can never be erased by a wrecking ball
Telling us that life is to be lived, and that everything eventually grows old
Selflessly he grins
Fully aware that his eyes will soon be closed
And his tired and weary head will come to rest
We cannot allow his lifeswork to go in vain
We must smile
And perservere through the seasons
We must remember that walls may shatter and crumble
But memories last forever
Sleep old friend
We will carry on for you