And the Poets Down Here...
Remember the Palace
by Kathleen Cherry

For many a year, the Palace was filled
with echoing sounds of laughter and glee.
For a time, it seemd like it would never end,
as Tillie continued to smile for all to see.

As you entered inside, you had to choose -
the Funhouse, a ride or play a game?
It's fun to explore all that's in store
inside this place with a mem'rable name.

With a colorful funhouse in my sight,
I got in line, for a ticket I must get.
From the funhouse, I continued on
to ride the carousel, I mustn't forget.

With the pings and clangs of pinball machines
and the sights of nostalgia before my eyes,
who would think this place would cease to be,
but the bad news comes to my surprise.

Years of neglect have taken their toll
on this precious place mentioned in song.
With tears in my eyes, I needed to ask,
"Tillie, my friend, How did it all go wrong?"

The fight went on, but hopes grew dim
of the Palace remaining another day.
Before the dozers came rarin' to raze,
I made a wish that it would stay.

The fight is over and the Palace is gone,
the pile of rubble, from an act of malice.
If Tillie could talk, I know he'd say,
"Just look at me and remember the Palace".