And the Poets Down Here...
The Palace of Kingsley
By: Daniel J. Immersi

Erected in the days of the year '88,
a whimsical palace was made an estate.
Not one of normality with a moat and a gate,
but one built with fun for all to liberate.
So everyone came to play in the park,
and the palace then made its rising mark.
The palace, like a castle held wondrous things,
though much was different as this mind starts its rings.

This place stored a grand army of horses,
but they all ran their same circular courses.
It too had a jester that the palace had chosen,
but when he passed on, he stayed standing and frozen.
It held a contraption that could take you so high,
that when dark you could touch the New Jersey night sky.
And atop the structure, the king took his place,
with his big eyes and a grin on his face.

His smile would beckon for all to come play,
"have fun" was his law and all would obey.
His name was Tillie which all would know well,
and fun, love, and laughs were the things he could sell.
Then one day Tillie was in shock of surprise,
when a bully named Jimmy came for Tillies demise.
"Fear not" said the boy, "your palace can be",
but the lie in his voice made him smile with glee.
At one, Jimmy's friends took the palace right down,
but Tillie kept smiling unlike making a frown.
So on May 26th, 2004 when the rubble had gone to the ground,
There is one place it did not,
A place where the paint did not chip away and the wood would not rot.
That place is where the palace had gotten a start,
That place my dear friends, is Asbury's heart.