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Valerie Monday, 12/16/02, 10:19 PM I spent a summer in Asbury Park in 1965 and have very fond memories of the place- tearing it down would be like taking a part of me away that can never be replaced- I am looking forward to see Asbury Park rise again! From: South Jersey/Phila E-mail: <>
Saturday, 11/23/02, 7:46 PM I just recently became interested in the history of Asbury Park, with all this talk of revitalizing it.. Why not bring back a beautiful place and keeping the history.. plenty can be done without first tearing down the land marks.. It would be like knocking down the WindMill resteraunt to put up a McDonalds, or a wendy's.. It just shouldnt happen..

Dave Weber Saturday, 11/23/02, 8:42 AM I was on your website, and saw all the work you put into it. Unfortunately most of the links go a link not found "Homestead" page. I'd like to help anyway I can. Please keep your campaign to save that Palace going. Maybe get it hosted by another company. Call me, maybe I can give you some suggestions 402-493-1270 From: Originally from NJ E-mail: <>

Amanda Holster Friday, 10/25/02, 7:20 AM I always use to visit the palace withmy family I wasnet really alive when it was up and runninh but my family would tellme storys about it and well I would love to see it up and running again so when I have a family I can bring themn to see it. From: New Jersey E-mail: <>

Laura Hauther Thursday, 10/24/02, 10:24 PM October 24, 2002 I grew up in New Jersey and visited Asbury Park while back visiting my parents. It was really sad to see such beautiful buildings in such a sad state of repair. Los Angeles is justly famous for it's lack of memory of it's past and a reluctance to preserve anything. Hell, they've torn down the Brown Derby and a ton of cool old diners, only to put up a bunch of fake old diners. Even the famous Cinerama Done theatre had to fight for it's life recently. If you can save those beautiful buildings, please do. Too much or too little development both threaten old buildings-do what you can to save a little of our collective past. Laura From: los angeles Web Site: <> E-mail: <>

Juanita Monday, 10/21/02, 2:14 PM Pienso a persona que robó las vidas de Tillie en Francia. Ése es todo lo que puedo hacer.

Mark Jaffe, MD Thursday, 10/17/02, 5:58 PM Having grown up in Long Branch, just a few miles north of Asbury Park, in the later 60's & 70's, I spent countless hours and nights along that Boardwalk. So many Rock & Roll Shows at the Palace and just walking distance to the southern end of the Boardwalk. I was crying last year during the scene from the "Sopranos" that was filmed there! From: West End / Long Branch, NJ E-mail: <>

Laura Merrick Friday, 10/11/02, 3:44 PM Hello out there all you Tillie/Asbury Park/Bruce Springsteen fans! I am from Littleton Colorado & as a teenager always listened to Bruce & the E Street Band growing up. I remember laying outside on the cool grass, smelling the fresh mountain air in the evening, looking up at the stars & listening to them & the whole wonderful feeling it evoked (especially "Darkness On The Edge Of Town"). Last year I decided to move to Asbury Park and it was so amazing, so exciting the BE there! To be there in the place that Bruce had wrote about, sung about so much. It's as if I can FEEL the atmosphere,the way it used to be at various times, over the last 100 years! I basically just wanted to say I LOVE TILLIE, I love Asbury Park & I am praying it all comes back strong! From: Littleton, Colorado E-mail: <>

Simon Sunday, 10/6/02, 4:54 PM Never been to Jersey but as a Springsteen fan, I know of Tillie and all the shore imagery that Bruce has used. I find it most suprising that it has even been considered to pull it all down, I am at University in Liverpool here in England and what they are planning to do is like demolishing the important Beatles landmarks here in this city (Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields etc). That is unthinkable as it generates a lot of income for tourism for Liverpool but, altogether more important is the fact that Liverpool is extremely proud of its links with the Beatles and for that reason it remains, part of the very make up of the city. The North West of England (where I am from) as a whole has a great band heritage, Manchester and Liverpool would never say goodbye to any landmarks, its important for the link to the past for our and your area. Sorry if I have rambled on a lot, but the basic message is keep up your campaign. I support it wholeheartedly, I want to one day make it to Jersey to see all these icons, I dont like the fact that it may all be gone by the time I do. Im sure the area is extremely proud of its links with Springsteen, saving icons like Tillie would be a very big way of proving it. All the best! From: Liverpool, England E-mail: <>

Paul Carey Thursday, 10/3/02, 8:05 PM My brother just sent me a photo of Tillie (never new his name, till your web site). Brought back good memories of Asbury Park. Can't belive the shape Asbury Park is in. What happened to Jonny Cash buying the boardwalk? Thanks for letting me know Tillies name From: Livermore, CA E-mail: <>

Scott Schnipper Wednesday, 9/18/02, 6:09 PM Ahhh Tillie, the Palace and the Casino, To all our summers spent trying to grasp that brass ring from the carousel, listening to the carney barkers at the boardwalk "auction house" (or acting as their daily shill), to games of skee-ball, meals at Diana's at Convention Hall or Marty's across the street, to Moe Septee bringing us Janis Joplin and the Temptations, to three games of "8 Ball" for a quarter -- and a little hot dog and Italian ice stand inside the Hall named Shakie's. May Save Tillie persevere and succeed -- and may Asbury Park rise up and prosper once more. From: Brooklyn via Summit via Elizabeth E-mail: <>
Laura Saturday, 9/7/02, 7:40 PM I have lived in NJ all of my life. I have been to many a shore. I have no idea what it is, but the Jersey Shore in general has some special appeal that cannot be compared. I have been to Asbury park so many times just wandering around, admiring it's obvious history.I hope to see it one day to be a real cool place to hang out. It's got too damn pretty of a view to go to waste. From: Hightstown E-mail: <>

DJ CHAPMAN Tuesday, 8/27/02, 7:56 PM SAVE THE ARCADE BCUZ IT'SS LIK KEWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From: EDISON E-mail: <>

Ellie Monday, 8/26/02, 7:09 AM I've never been to Asbury Park, but my father always tells me stories of the good old days, which he heard from his grandfather. My cousin and I went to the beach in Ocean Grove, and I caught a glimpse of Asbury. It looked so run down, and now, that Tillie is going to be gone, I am sad. This is history. I'm a beach lover, and the thought of this great beach town, filled with history going to waste, makes me angry. Instead of knocking this great location down, they should build it up, and make Asbury greater, so one day, I can visit it with my dad, and he can tell me its now better than it ever was! From: NJ E-mail: <>

nick balcomb Friday, 8/16/02, 2:17 PM It's sad deal what happened and the abandonment that happened- We can not let the nostalgia of what Asbury Park was go away. We need pride in our roots and not let the new overdevelopment and fast paced commercialization take away what Asbury Park was and bring it back. From: oklahoma E-mail: <>

Laurie Crouch Balcomb Friday, 8/16/02, 7:21 AM I was born in Neptune in 1961! I had moved away from that area in 1985. I have so many wonderful memories of the shore and the Asbury Park area. As a child Asbury was fabulous and a wonderful area to grow up in. I have followed the Asbury Park happenings and had watched it's plight through the internet. I think that there is hope for our city of Asbury and I know it will Rise Up!! I had not been back there till this summer and I know I will return each year now!! I have always been a Jersey Girl at heart and will remain faithful and loyal to my home state. I know saving the Palace and the recreation spots as to what they were might be farfetched but for children to see it in it's glory like I had the chance is a small dream but would love to see it Rise Up to the wonderland it was years ago. I support Asbury with all my blessings and with all my thoughts and wish all well with that task. I wish you all the luck in the world and I will sit here in Oklahoma and watch the changes through the internet until my much anticipated return. My daughter has never been to the East Coast until this year and heart is lost to Jersey and the Shore. She has heard my stories of Asbury and the visions of the wonderland of what it was through my vocal memories. Asbury has alot to offer the world if we could just get those boards on those ol windows removed and rebuild. Cookman Ave was a wonderful place to shop and Christmas was breathtaking and Steinbacks had that wonderful window display. For the future of the children let them have the oppertunity to see Asbury as I had the chance! As a teen Asbury was the place for me (against my parents wishes). It was a magnent for me and each moment was spent there. As a child I had sat at my Grandparents apartment in Neptune City and had watched the fires and listened to the sirens of the riots. I had watched a wonderful place burn and deteriorate. It can Rise above all that and it can be restored. Asbury I have all the faith in the world in you and you will return. Much love to you and the future you will have!!!!!! From: Oklahoma E-mail: <>

Denise Rohde Saturday, 8/10/02, 7:53 PM I spent many happy hours in the Palalce Amusements...riding the merry-go-round and catching the "brass" ring, entering the revolving barrel of the fun house and losing lots of change on the ferris wheel with cars that revolved. I would be heartbroken if they tore the place down. Though I have moved halfway across the country anytime I visit NJ I pay homage to Asbury Park and that uniquley green building. I would do my share to keep it from being torn down and better yet to restore it to its original glory...with all the old rides, games and even those machines that you could watch short movies in....By the way what ever happened to those swan boats acroos the street? From: Fisher Illinois E-mail: <>

Susan Gavai Friday, 8/9/02, 11:37 AM I grew up in Bradley Beach and I now live in Maryland. There was never anything to do in Bradley so we'd go to Asbury. Asbury, the Palace, the Casino,the boardwalk are all part of my childhood memories. I remember it plain as day, even remember the way everything sounded and smelled. Many a weekend I blew my allowance on Ski-ball ( I'd have 10 feet of tickets), bumper cars and 100 trips on the carosel just to try and get a brass ring, (I only ever got one). We would ride the tea cups on the boardwalk and eat taffy. When I got older my boyfriends would race cars on the circut and we'd neck on the ferris wheel. It is sad now to see the way things are. Can't even get all the way down Ocean Ave and really don't want to. I hope something can be done to help stop further deterioration and save the great buildings such as the Palace. Bless Save Tillie for all of your efforts. From: Bradley Beach, NJ E-mail: <>

Michelle Moon Thursday, 8/8/02, 9:17 AM What a great site. I grew up in Ocean Grove & Red Bank. So many great memories of summer evenings at the Palace and along the boardwalk. It's been sad to see so much beauty and history allowed to deteriorate...hope this peice can be saved. From: Mystic, CT E-mail: <>

Angela Y. Gonzalez Thursday, 8/8/02, 7:30 AM I don't want to see Tillie go. I have been in Asbury Park for the last 31 years and I saw Tillie and the waterfront so alive at one time. I own a home between Asbury Ave and First Ave. I pass through almost everyday because I come home taking the Ocean Avenue Route. I see the Funhouse everyday, and I really get so upset. I really want to see it come back. I took my children there when they were little and Asbury Park was so wonderful back then and I want to see it all come back before I leave this earth. Sincerely, Angela From: Asbury Park, New Jersey E-mail: <>

Lindsay Crouch Tuesday, 8/6/02, 12:07 PM I have just recently been to New Jersey. My mother was born in Neptune and grew up in that area. I remember all her stories about the Palace. When I went there on vacation and saw it, it broke my heart! I hope that they do bring it back because one day I would love to go back for Vacation and see it like it used to! I am a big Bruce Springsteen fan. Out here, not many kids my age know who he is, but I was raised on his music and I have always loved him and I always will. There will remain a soft spot in my heart for the E Street Band and I will always have a dream to live in New Jersey when I am older. I just fell in love with it! There is so much to do there, compared to where I live. It's hard being in such a small town. Atleast now I know, I can go to NJ for my vacations!!! From: Oklahoma E-mail: <>

Stewart Agreen Thursday, 8/1/02, 9:33 PM Good luck! I can't believe what a mess the city has become. Do you guys take donations? From: originally from Asbury, now in Pittsburgh E-mail: <>
Christine Bajart Thursday, 8/1/02, 8:14 PM My first memories of life are the multicolors of neon on my childhood ceiling. The reason is, I grew up in the Waynewood Hotel which was situated across from the St. James Theatre. But from my bedroom window I could see Tilley blinking. I named that night time person Charlie WOO WOO. To this day I nor anyone in my family knows where that name came from. But Charlie was my friend and I knew he was fun. I could smell the pop corn whiff into my room at night and hear the screams of fun coming from the funhouse. My family also owned Bajarts Parking and Bate and Tackle Shop so I grew up on that corner until it went dark. My grandfather had a resturant on Press Plaza named Morgans and an earlier bakery on Main St. A childhood in Asbury was magic we had everything there as kids. The beach, the amusements, the Monte Carlo pool, the 8th ave salt water pool, four theatres, shopping and the safety of walking around everywhere. Then as young grownups the strip, concerts in the Convention Hall, then the Pony. I'm still proud of where I'm from and very few people in the world can understand why when they see pictures now. But when you have the memories of sight, smell, taste and sounds it's hard to let it fade. There's still beauty there it just has to be dusted off by people who understand it's nature. It's a resort nothing less a From: Asbury Park/Oakhurst /Tucson E-mail: <>

Christine Tuesday, 7/30/02, 9:08 AM I grew up in Wanamassa & Asbury Park. I spent ALL of my summers at the beach and boardwalk. Those WERE the "good old days!!" The concerts at Convention Hall were superb. Thanks to a relative, I had front row seats for most of the concerts. My grandfather worked at The Palace, at THE FUN HOUSE, in the '60s. He was the one to "blow air up ladies skirts." I did look at the photos from Sandy Berman, but didn't see "Grandpa....." Sandy, do you have any more?? I worked at Kohr's, 1st Ave., in the summers of 1966 & 1967. I'd love to hear from any of my co- workers. I now live in Las Vegas, so I REALLY miss the BEACH and all else that NJ has to offer! I'd love to see Asbury make a full recovery. It would be a joy to visit and show it off to my new husband. I am tired of watching The Sopranos and seeing a "closed down" Boardwalk. It's very sad......... From: Ocean Twp. (Monmouth County) E-mail: <>

barbara kuebler Monday, 7/29/02, 7:20 AM I grew up in NJ. My heart belongs to NJ. I have fond memories of Tillie as a child into my teen years. on the Today show this morning I saw someone had a picture of Bruce Springsteen in front of Tillie...he had asked Bruce to autograph it. Do you have any idea where I could purchase this picture? GOD bless Tillie! From: arlington, tx E-mail: <>

Tillie the Willie Sunday, 7/14/02, 5:10 PM You want to help Asbury Park? Try and institute community improvement projects that help beautify the area (parks), or mobilize your efforts to help seniors or the infirm. Who cares about a decrepit building. There is no architectural significance to this building. It was in a Springsteen video or two, and it reminds some of the musical heritage of Asbury. Big goddamn deal. Bruce has probably been in a lot of buildings over there. Maybe the whole town should be designated a historical treasure? Quit wasting your time. From: Red Bank, NJ E-mail: <>

Nick Mancini Tuesday, 7/9/02, 1:58 PM I had asked a question about the Palace sale a while back and nobody ever responded. The question I had was, what ever happened to William Sitar????? Didn't he wasnt to buy the palace wayyyyyyy before Joseph Carabetta sold his construction rights off? Why dosen't Mr. Sitar jump in now and buy it? What is it I am not understanding here? Anyone have any idea? Please e-mail me. Thanks. Nick From: New Jersey E-mail: <>

Jack Ennis Saturday, 7/6/02, 11:26 PM I really hope something can be done to save the palace.It will be a great loss if it goes.Theres so many great memories there. From: Neptunc City NJ E-mail: <>

Diane Lewis Saturday, 6/22/02, 4:32 PM Born in Long Branch NJ, Remember going to the palace as a kid with my folks.My parents owned an itilian restaurant on main st in Asbury Park called Asbury park pizzeria between 3& 4th ave.for over 20 years every summer my best friend & I would hit the boardwalk and spend hours inside the palace loved the bob sled & the bumper cars.If I would bring the workers a free pizza I used to get on the rides for free..Sounded great to me...LOL..Till this day I still talk about those years..and still remember them as if it were yesterday.I'm married with children & grand children & have settled here in North Carolina.But New Jersey will always be home. From: North Carolina E-mail: <>

Russ Artuso Friday, 6/21/02, 2:31 PM I have so many fond memories of Asbury Park. I met the love of my life there on the beach in Asbury. It was the summer of 1967. We had a great summer.I remember the Place very well,and of course Tillie. you knew you were in Asbury when you saw him smiling at you when you came into town. I was shipped out that year to Viet Nam. I hadn't seen her or Asbury till we had a reunion last December and we went to Asbury Park. the only thing that reminded me of the "old" days was the convention Center , the Casino and Of Course Tillie. What a shame.!! But then they can never take away the memories can they. I'll help save Tillie and Thank you for so many memories From: Palm Springs CA. E-mail: <>


Diane Rackowski Tuesday, 5/28/02, 9:22 PM I've lived in Minnesota for over 20 years now. But I remember being a kid from New Jersey who went to Asbury Park with her family for a day at the beach. I loved driving in the little cars and playing miniature golf. But what touched me the deepest is Palace Amusements. I think I might have actually gone inside only once. But that face on the side of the building and the ferris wheel coming out of the top of the building, the excitement, the wonder. For a child, it was everything. I remember driving by and just staring, drawn by the energy in that building. Thank you for all of your efforts to save Tillie! From: Minneapolis, MN Web Site: Buddy the Gourd's Web Page <> E-mail: <>

monica festa Saturday, 5/18/02, 9:11 PM Asbury Park has many childhood memories for me. I guess now that I am getting older I want to reconnect with the music and places that I have always loved. Bruce, Bon Jovi, Southside Johnny and many other area musicians have ment so much to me growing up. I hope that you will contact me so that I can help to save Tillie. From: eatontown, nj Web Site: monica200 <http://> E-mail: <>

George A. Siessel Tuesday, 5/14/02, 7:30 AM Not only should the Palace be restored but also the Casino complex. Being a cornerstone link between Asbury Park and Ocean Grove, the Casino could provide entertainment and fun for nearby Ocean Grove residents. With these two areas restored the move "down the boardwalk" can continue. Both of the amusement areas should be reconstructed to their appropriate time periods. The Palace (which has its roots in the late 1800's) has an obvious Art Deco type atmosphere. Resurrect it to the 1950's motiff, include the "oldest existant Ferris Wheel" in its proper place along with the carousel and the dark ride. The rides should reflect the "neon gaudiness" of the fifties. If possible bring back the Twister, Bubble Bounce and Rock-O-Plane (thru the roof of the Palace). Although a Fun House is a major liability it can be kept simple as is the one at Point Pleasant Beach, and still entertain. A mirror maze is another possibility. The Casino on the other hand should elevate a 20's/30's motiff and with the proper rides from that era ( a Whip, Dodgem, Cuddle- Up, Dark Ride, Carousel, etc. - all of which existed at Asbury at one time) a fairyland from the past can be established. With these two amusement areas as the cornerstones the revitalization of the area is well underway. From: Originally Springfield N.J., now Leesburg, Fl. E-mail: <>

Shelly Clark Monday, 5/13/02, 10:37 AM My husband and I visited Asbury Park for the first time this winter. I had goosebumps the whole time. I could picture Bruce and the band running around town. When we were there, a professional photographer was there taking pics of Tillie and the palace. I hope that his pictures go out to many people. I can't imagine AP being the same without any of the landmarks that are there now. From: Walkerton, IN E-mail: <>

simon osborne Friday, 5/3/02, 5:25 AM I left Asbury Park without saying goodbye to everyone who so kindly helped me with my presentation at the Library.What's more I don't have the email addresses to write to you in person.So this will have to do !! It was a whistle stop visit but made fun and easy by the support I received leading up to the presentation.I shall never look at a slide projector in the same light again,nor indeed trust one! The day went really well and I share your hopes that some positive good will come of it. Needless to say if you ever find yourself in Liverpool you only have to call so I can return the favour. Thanks again Simon Osborne From: liverpool ( uk) E-mail: <>

Rob Monday, 4/29/02, 2:29 PM Tillie.................sorry `bout ole man! From: Keansburg

Robert Monday, 4/29/02, 2:22 PM I first saw Tilly and the area about 8 years ago, then the photo with the "Expired" parking meter in the foreground (Weird NJ). Haven`t been back in a while and it`s sad to see the location so run down. Easy access overall from most anywhere in the state and the article in National Geographic (Ocean Grove) you would think someone in government would take a stand and help out. I guess approving 87 Home Depot`s and wiping out trees and dirt to make way for tarmac is more important. From: Keansburg

Eric Monday, 4/22/02, 6:20 PM All the way from washington dc - a former shore native having idea to one day return to Asbury Park and open up shop... From: Hirshfield E-mail: <>
John Wiz Sunday, 4/21/02, 10:54 PM I remember going to AP many times.One of the first was when my mom took me and my younger brother to the Palace.We went in the funhouse and also rode the bumpercars and ferris wheel. I remember that the cars on the ferris wheel moved on a track, sort of like the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island. I do have one thing that instantly reminds me of the Palace, a little plastic winners cup from the slot car racing track that was there around the 1970's. I treasure it like it was key to the past. I still pass thru Asbury Park from time to time and cannot believe what has happened. I hope that Tillie and the rest of AP can one day rise again to what once was. From: South Brunswick E-mail: JDGWillowtree@aol <mailto:JDGWillowtree@aol>

Amanda Sunday, 4/7/02, 1:58 PM Eventhough I am only 13years-old, the Palace is important to me. The stories I have been told made my mouth water and made my mind travel. I could hear people screaming on the rides, smell the French- fries, feel the whoosh of my hair blowing back from the speed of the rides , and hear the sounds of screaming guitars from the Rock and Roll Museum. As a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen & the Estreet Band, I was able to grasp one of the most vivid descriptions of the Palace. I believe that the Palace should stay! The people wanting to demolish it are dumb because why would anyone want to take down a house of dreams and fun that has made Asbury Park,NJ, famous?(the same for the Casino and the Stone Pony) As a guitarist, the Palace gives me my inspiration to write and play. I am glad the Stone Pony is being given another chance because my goal is to play there when I get really good. Save Tillie. Let him smile again. Turn on the rides and lights. Turn Asbury Park from a ghost town back to a place where your dreams can come true and the most fun place to be! SAVE TILLIE! From: New Jersey E-mail: ILJC9@AOL.COM <mailto:ILJC9@AOL.COM>

Mac Thursday, 4/4/02, 1:40 PM What happened to this shore town. I went to the Convention Center in January to See Slayer (Great show by the way) and I was in shock to see what has happened to the town. My father told me how nice of a resort it was. Now it's the armpit of the Jersey shore. I would really like to see more pics of then and now of the area. thanx From: NY E-mail: <>

Kathy Parker Wednesday, 4/3/02, 7:41 PM I had the pleasure of going to Asbury Park for the first of Bruce's Christmas Concerts in 2001. What a treat it was having only read about and seen pictures of the the famous Asbury Park and The Stone Pony, etc. I imagined in my mind what it was like years ago and it made me smile. I would be happy to help in whatever way I can to Save Tillie. Please let me know where you need the most help. Kathy Parker From: St. Louis, MO E-mail: <>

April Friday, 3/22/02, 8:44 AM Tillie MUST be saved! Too many places I want to show my children are rapidly disappearing. The bumper cars in Asbury Park were like no other. I have never seen anything like them before, or since. All others seem lame in comparison to what they were like. I remember sitting on my mother's lap while she bumped my brother. I remember my brother stopping and letting everyone hit him. I remember the Ferris wheel, riding with my father. I remember wishing I was big enough to reach the top of the rolling barrel. And a strange "Chinese roller coaster?" My daughter listens to stories of her parents' childhood, longing to see the places we talk about. We can't take her to Olympic Park in is now a row of pharmaceutical warehouses and factories. We can't take her to Long Branch, to the Haunted Mansion or the salt water pool. I can't take her to Atlantic City, to see what it was like before the casinos. (I cried when they tore down the old copper topped buildings.) Asbury Park isn't what it was, But it could be, if more people cared about preserving the past. It could rise from the dust and be better than before....if people cared enough. Too many old places of magical wonder are either gone, or soon to be gone. Keansburg is probably next. :(

Alejandro Rotger Friday, 3/22/02, 3:37 AM fuerza amigos, mientras tillie siga sonriendo, la magia de Asbury Park segirá en nuestros corazones. From: Mallorca, Spain E-mail: <>
Phil & Jacqueline Bracken Wednesday, 3/6/02, 6:45 AM We visited Tillie twice - in September 1999 and June 2000 when we saw Bruce in Philly and NYC. We have just got our first computer. This is our first "international" message !!! Keep up the good work. From: Bolton, England E-mail: <>

Nick Mancini Sunday, 3/3/02, 2:48 PM Ok! Anyone who has been following this entire "Save Tillie and the Palace" campaign know's it's been up and down like a roller coaster. The news now is a 6 month window for a buyer of the Palace right? Then unless I missed something here, why dosen't William Sitar buy it? He's the one who wanted it in the first place??? Anyone know why he doesn't???? From: New Jersey E-mail: <>

Joanne Myers Wednesday, 2/27/02, 8:54 PM My grandmother owned three different hotels in Asbury Park; The Aurora on 4th, the Clifton-by-the- Sea on 3rd and lastly the Chatham back on 4th. From the time I was born, my family spent every summer and all summer at grandmas. Asbury Park was our playground. My memories of Asbury are many; the Planters peanut store on Ocean Ave, my favorite rides, the whip and the ferris wheel in the Palace, the salt water taffy, the candy apples in Convention Hall,the smells of the concession stand on the Fourth Ave beach, the open air concerts on top of HoJo's, the Monte Carlo pool, the carousel in the casino and the Palace(my sister still has her brass ring),the auction house on the boardwalk, the "oriental" rug store, skeeball, ZAD who sketched your profile in charcoal(I still have mine), miniature golf and so much more. My heart breaks for Asbury. My heart breaks for Tillie. I have written a scathing letter to the APP but I doubt very much whether it will be seen by anyone else but me. Please, if there is anyway that I can help you in your cause to save Tillie and Asbury, don't hesitate to contact me. I have salt water and sand from Asbury coursing through my veins. From: Peekskill NY E-mail: <>

Jennie Phillips Tuesday, 2/19/02, 7:49 AM I am so thankful to all of you at Save Tillie for all the hard work you are putting into this. Especially for all of us fans that can't be "there". If there is anything I can do let me know. I sincerely hope that Tillie and Asbury Park for that matter are restored. I still have yet to get there as I have wanted for so long. From: Hebron, Maryland E-mail: <>

kathy peirson Saturday, 2/9/02, 5:05 AM wow I never imagined such decay and neglect in asbury park. i remember the boardwalk and the casino and convention hall being alive and well as if it were yesterday and not summer of 1978 the last time i was there. And yes i remember a thin young man on a skateboard with a far away look in his eye and a grin twards my older cousin back in 1971-72. she said he was almost famous and i should have heard of him, just thougt his name was funny back then. i also remember going to the amusements with my family as a small child in the 60's but by 67-68 we vacationed at beach haven and stopped going to asbury and point pleasant. hope it can be restored of american historys sake. From: born in NJ live in pa now E-mail: <>

hils Friday, 2/8/02, 5:42 AM I have been a Springsteen fan since I was 9 years old when my brother brought home a new record - "Born to Run". Cat Stevens was out and Bruce was in!! I camped out all night to get a ticket to his concert in Melbourne in 1985 then drove 900km to get there for the show and it was AMAZING. My first visit to the US was June 2001 - I got on the train at Penn Station and headed down to Asbury Park. It was so incredible to see Madame Marie's, the Casino, the boardwalk, and of course the Amusement Park rising bold and stark..... I had a drink in the Stone Pony, bought a T-shirt and headed back to NY - what a great day. I want to come back again and I'm sure many Bruce fans would feel the same. SAVE TILLIE, SAVE TILLIE, SAVE TILLIE................ From: adelaide,australia

Liz Heir Friday, 2/1/02, 10:23 PM I have stumbled blindly here, only to say that memories live on and I so enjoy reading all the stories. It brings all my senses to attention, to see the decline, and a hope of slowly bringing it back with lots of love. From: Delray Beach, FL E-mail: <>

Brian Heir Friday, 2/1/02, 10:19 PM I was raised in Paramus, but spent every available minute driving down to Long Branch, surfing at USO and Seven Presidents, sneaking into Aunt Rudy's little house in Deal while she was in FL, by going in the back window, and sleeping off a day's surfing. I live in S. Florida now, and sorely miss the NJ shore, its people, its smells, and definitely aunt Rudy, who's gone now. So is her little saltshaker house west of Deal Casino, leveled to make rooom for a mansion built on two lots. From: Paramus, then; Delray, FL now E-mail: <>

Mary Jane Wednesday, 1/30/02, 7:32 AM WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? This shouldn't even be an issue. Asbury Park should geta make over, but not at the expense of tearing down our past. I guess the All Mighty dollar will prevail, and guess who loses. That's all this country is about....$$$$$$$$. From: Ct. Web Site: dustybeachroad <http://> E-mail: <>

Heshy Monday, 1/28/02, 2:45 PM I think it is patently unfair and underhanded, the way the Palace building and supporters are being treated by the principals involved in the current redevelopment process in Asbury Park (with the exception of at least one City Council member). All sorts of lies and manipulations are being employed to bring the Palace down one way or another, despite full knowledge of all the good that it could bring to the city. I thought that this kind of backroom maneuvering (dare anyone call it "conspiracy"???) was left behind with the passing of the previous council and those who held its filthy purse strings. I guess not. What are they thinking? Why all this antipathy? Who is behind all this? I pray that this becomes clear before sadly drastic measures are taken. From: The Greater Asbury Park area Web Site: The Hesh - musician, artist, writer, bad influence <> E-mail: <>

jess Monday, 1/28/02, 7:09 AM greetings from nyc. ive been to AP once (at the convention center). when i was there i got a very sad feeling. history that somehow faded. laughter from decades and genarations past now competely gone. what happened here?? why had such a beautiful and fun place fall apart? i hope that this all can somehow be saved. im sure that our ancestors who enjoyed the fun of the park are now crying to see what our thoughtlessness and destruction have done. SAVE TILLIE...SAVE ASBURY PARK!! From: ny E-mail: <>

Marco Scandella Wednesday, 1/16/02, 2:22 PM I went to visit AP in june/july 2000 during the Bruce tour and I remeber i was feeling very good . It was like to be at home. greeting from Italy From: Italy E-mail: <>

margaret cicalese Thursday, 1/10/02, 10:29 AM I would like to be on your mailing list for save tillie. I went to Neptune High School. Graduated 1967. Spent entire childhood and teen years in Asbury Park during the summer. Everyone I knew hung out there. My mother, brother and sister still live in the area so I'am done there quite frequently. Sometimes I will drive thru Asbury or walk on the boardwalk. It is very sad. I would like to know where I could get a copy of the pictures on this site and the video. If I can purchase them please let me know. Phone 609-298-0979 Thank you Margaret From: 123 bordentown-georgetown rd columbus, new jersey 08022 E-mail:

Norm Vogel Wednesday, 1/9/02, 8:22 PM Hi! I'm turning 50 on 1/22/02. My Sister and I went there during the 50's and 60's, so I have fond memories of Asbury Park. I remember when we were in the Mad-O-Ram; there was a power failure in the building, and our car just STOPPED. We figured that it was just a part of the ride, and waited. And, waited...... Finally, my Sister screamed, "There's SOMETHIN' MOVIN' IN HERE!" and we both started screaming! It was the ride operator, who had come in to push us out. (We were only about 10 feet from the exit, but (in the darkness), we didn't know THAT! I remember riding the Merry-Go-Round in the Palace building; i think i might STILL have one or two of the brass rings! And, riding the "teacups" on the 'walk! I remember "Ducky's" on the boardwalk. It sold THE best hotdogs in the world, and was run by a white-haired gentleman named "Max". I also remember an auctioneer, at the south end of the 'walk. There never seemed to be an auction going on, but an extremely heavy-set man sat in a chair by door, fanning himself with an oriental fan..... I remember the great steaks at HoJo's and quiant, curious shops in the Casino building. And, the ads for "Optimo Cigars", and elderly men walking the boards, smoking 'em.... (I LOVE the smell of cigars!). Then, at the north end, was a little shop that sold newspapers, tobacco, and beach supplies. And, who can forget that oriental rug store that seemed to be "going out of busines" for years and YEARS?!?!? LOL! When I got married, i introduced my Wife to AP, and we won many, many things playing skeeball in the Palace.... And, when i got married, I introduced my Wife to skeeball in the Palace, and we won many, many items (some of which we I went to AP several years ago; I had TEARS in my eyes.....i just could NOT believe it! Sigh.... all that beautiful architecture, just decaying....... I took several HUNDRED shots of the 'walk and the Palace; i'm gonna have to look thru my attic for 'em. I TRULY hope that you can, someday, not only restore Tillie (whom we called "the man with the moustache on his head!"), but the Grand Splendor that was Asbury Park! Norm Vogel From: South Bound Brook, NJ Web Site: Witchcraft: The FACTS! <> E-mail: <>

Rachel Rodriguez Friday, 1/4/02, 9:00 PM As a fan of both Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, I dream of the day when I will visit Asbury Park and see all of the historic places that have been written about. I am so grateful that there are people out there who are working to save places like these so fans like me who have not yet had the opportunity to see these places will still be able to in the future. It's tough being 16 years old in a little town in Wisconsin where nobody understands the music that you love, but it's comforting to know that there are other people out there who feel as passionate about it as I do. I just want to say thanks for helping to keep my dream of someday seeing New Jersey for myself alive. From: Fort Atkinson, WI E-mail: <>