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susie Saturday, 12/30/00, 4:05 PM
I remember on sunday afternoons we would come from Staten Island to Asbury Park for the day..a budding Springsteen fan at the time...When you looked up out of the station wagon window and saw Tillie you knew you had arrived..So many things in this life come and go I hope tillie has the same staying power that Bruce has ....Years may take a toll on us and we become weatherbeaten..but I hope we can all pull together and SAVE TILLIE...Bruce Prove it all night have a concert to benefit Tillie. I will be there if you need any help..Dont let Asbury turn
into Atlantic City with rich developers coming in and tearing down everything so near and dear to us for some trashy casino...thanks for letting me air my thoughts.
From: freehold nj

Tony Caivano Tuesday, 12/19/00, 7:36 PM
When I was in college in New Brunswick, Asbury Park was only a moment away. We packed the '75 Olds and motored to the place down the shore that talked to me. The place was magical and magnetic. It is the birthplace of the rock and roll mythology that captured my teenage years and helped shape my views about the world and what my place would be. I like to go back there often -- and I feel young again.
From: Morris County
NJ E-mail:

Julie Monday, 12/18/00, 12:36 PM
A friend and I visited Asbury Park in the Summer of 1990. She is a Springsteen fan and I am a Jukes fan. We stayed in and around Asbury for a couple of weeks, saw some great bands and and made some lovely friends. It was one of the finest times I have had. Asbury Park was beautiful by day and magical by night. There was however a deep sadness about the place, one of neglect and decay and faded glory. I am delighted to hear that moves are afoot to try and restore some of that former glory. Keep the pressure on, it is a good thing that you do.
From: England E-mail:

Nick Wednesday, 12/13/00, 4:33 PM
I seem to be a bit confused here. First off, I see there is a "live camera" on the Palace and the heading reads see the "tillie restoration" as it happens, or something like that? What restoration? Is the Palace finally saved? Did Carabetta finally sell the Palace to William Sitar? What is going on? I can't seem to fina any info. And the other thing is, the site has been updated twice in the last few weeks, and I don't see what was updated. If anyone had any info (especially on the "restoration" issue. Please e-mail me asap. Thanks.
From: Jersey

Frank Saragnese Wednesday, 12/13/00, 7:39 AM Hello and Happy Holidays to all Palace and Tillie fans & supporters. We are approaching a critical and decisive stage as it appears the powers that be are plotting an awfull redevelopement plan which will exclude(meaning the demolition of) the Palace. So "we the people"(sound familiar?) must remain strong and hold to our vision and belief that the Palace can and will survive and be ressurrected for our and future generations to enjoy and cherish. NO RETREAT/NO SURRENDER !!! Let the good times roll. R&R forever. The Palace/Tillie forever !! Peace & Light.....Frank
From: Ocean Grove,NJ,USA

Johnny 99 Monday, 12/11/00, 2:35 PM
Tillie, should in fact, be preserved/saved in some way, as it is a symbol of The Jersey Shore and the way it used to be. Being Born in the USA and a Jersey resident, I am a Big fan of Bruce Springsteen, Tillie is an American icon of Rock and Roll, and all of the nostaliga that goes with it.
From: Bergen county, "joisey"

Michael J. Putrino Tuesday, 12/5/00, 6:56 PM
I visited Tillie just a few days ago. He is not looking so good. We need to organize and once again make Asbury Park the jewel of the Jersey Shore.
From: Bergen County

Dencey Schmidt Tuesday, 12/5/00, 5:48 AM This is an important landmark, not only to Springsteen/Southside/Miami Steve fans but to anyone who remembers Asbury Park when it was a happening place! Keep up the good work!
From: Neptune NJ

Katie Sunday, 12/3/00, 9:27 AM
Whenever my family goes down the shore to visit relatives or go to Avon, my mom always takes us for a drive around Asbury. It must be torture for her, seeing the once lively symbols of her childhood summers, including Tillie's haunting face, dying in front of her. Growing up in the 50's and 60's, my mom spent her summers in Avon, and hung out in Asbury Park. As we drive slowly through the streets of Asbury(doors locked, of course), she tells us of going shopping on rainy days in the center, of peddle-boating in Wesley Lake, and, when she was older, seeing Bruce Springsteen perform at the Stone Pony. "It's such a shame," she says, as we now pass through the
desolate streets. But you know, as I look at Asbury Park, I think,it can't be completely down the toilet yet. Asbury Park can still be saved, and it can start with Tillie. Maybe a benefit concert with New Jersey musicians at the Convention Centre could help raise awareness and hope for the town, if someone has the means of putting together such a thing.
From: Bloomfield, NJ
E-mail: GoForItConnect9@aol

Jeff Meyer Saturday, 11/25/00, 6:45 PM
God, what a flood of memories! I worked on the boardwalk at the Fifth Avenue Funland in the mid to late 70's. I remember after closing on a busy Friday or Saturday night, going across the street to the Wonder Bar or going to Quack Quack, the Pony, the Fast Lane, etc. Also cruising the circuit in my friends Trans Am. Tillie is just another great memory of those summer days. I remember going in there when my brother and I used to go to the
beach in Ocean Grove. We would go thru the Casino and across the street to the Palace. When we were smaller, we tried to get the brass ring but our arms wouldn't reach! I loved the bumper cars and fun house. They were the best! What's happened to Asbury Park is a true tragedy. How the city government could allow the "development" during the 80's/90's without properly insuring the preservation of the Casino and Palace is a crime. Now, they're just memories and the government is too busy suing each other. When will they get a real government? Enough time on the soap box. Thank you for this website. It will help to preserve those memories for those who visited Asbury Park during its better years.
From: Freehold, formerly Interlaken

Kaler Crane Saturday, 11/25/00, 5:00 PM
Hi J.R. keep me in touch as you progress. KC
From: Ferndale

Alex Turnbull Thursday, 11/23/00, 10:23 AM
First visit to this site - got the address from "The Boss Zine" e-mail
magazine and thought I'd take a look. I have been receiving regular updates on the Save Tillie Campaign (which are much appreciated). Obviously coming from the UK it is difficult to help, although I have my AP T-shirt designed by Patti Kaufmann. I had my first visit to AP this June when visiting NYC to see Bruce and the E Streeters for 2 great concerts. We took a tour down to the shore and is was MAGIC. The boardwalk was great and just how I imagined it, along with Tillie. Visited the Stone Pony, Convention Centre and various other Bruce sites. Having never visited AP at its best, it was difficult to imagine it as has been described by others, but I believe it could become a great, thriving holiday/day trip venue again. Hope all ends well and we send our best from the UK. From: England

Maggie Monday, 11/20/00, 10:51 AM
I learned about Tillie from my basketball coach and I had to see what he was all about. She wants to make Save Tillie as our team charity and moto.
From: Shannon

Walt Geiger Sunday, 11/19/00, 8:36 PM
I grew up down the Parkway from Asbury near Toms River. While I visited the Palace as a child with my parents, it's been over 20 years since I'd been there. This space is not big enough for me to explain my shock when I saw the waterfront on Saturday, November 18, 2000. Desolate and barren are two descriptive words that come to mind, however - terms usually not associated with the Jersey shore even in the dead of winter. It is clear to me that Save Tillie's efforts are needed and we must support the group until it is successful in saving the Palace (I have my tee-shirt in my as yet unpacked bag). The Palace is a historic site located in an area that is, literally, devoid of
the signs of a stable community. I am at a loss to explain why any developer would pass up the chance to use the
irreplacable Palace as a linch pin of badly needed renewal, despite the expense of refurbishment. Please keep fighting the good fight - I someday hope to take my three year old son to the Palace - and let me know if I can be of assistance.
From: Milwaukee, WI

Donny Musto Sunday, 11/5/00, 5:19 AM
I have great memories of my father and mother taking my sister and I to Asbury Park. But the greatest excitement was when we used to go to the Palace Amusements, with all the rides and games there was no other memories quite so treasured.Save Tilly!!!
From: Edison, N.J.

Greg Van Gompel Tuesday, 10/31/00, 9:44 AM
Thanks for the wonderful site on Palace Amusements.
From: Minneapolis, MN

Bryan Wednesday, 10/25/00, 12:21 AM
Growing up in Monmouth County in the eighties, I remember only a little of the end of the Asbury boardwalk. I do remember Palace Amusements, the Casino, and the boardwalk. While I may not have spent many years enjoying Asbury the way so many others had in past decades, it is a special place for me. I used to go to the clown parade on the boardwalk, in fact one year my picture was taken with a group of clowns in the parade and put on the cover of the AP visitor's guide. Now, as a film student, I have found that there are some images that I just can't get out of my head, and that I find myself returning to constantly in my work. The most prominent of these is Tillie. In fact, I
have shot two short films in the past two years in Asbury Park. I have been wondering, has anyone made a
documentary on AP and the whole situation with the Palace and the boardwalk? If not, I would certainly be interested in such a project.
From: Jersey
Web Site:

Sharon Huddle Towers Monday, 10/23/00, 2:25 PM
I had such wonderful times at The Palace back in the 80's. I loved the carousel, the ferris wheel, and my only regret is that I never went there with a guy that I WANTED to go through the Tunnel of Love with!! I do have some great memorabilia from The Palace that I would love to share and put back into The Palace someday. I read in our local Manhattan newspaper that The Palace has now become an Historic Site--bless you for you hard work and tough efforts to save this wonderful place. I am terribly saddened and disgusted by the severe decline of Asbury Park; all because of greed, then failure to follow through. Please tell me how I can help to bring the life back into this town that I have spent so much time in, and love so much. Even now, I miss Asbury Park so very much! Outside of The Palace, I would also love to see the restoration of the old Casino and Carousel House. What are these people thinking, letting so much wonderful history fall into the ocean???? As far as The Palace goes, I would very much
love to know what will happen now. I don't have the $$$ to contribute for a restoration (although I do treasure my Save Tillie T-shirt, earrings, magnets, etc.). However, I would love more than anything to be a part of bringing The Palace back to life. I will scrape paint, sweep floors, pound nails, whatever it takes. I vowed many years ago that if I ever had the chance to make a difference in Asbury Park, I would do it! Please put me to work!! Before I moved to Kansas, my closet friends and I would hang out at Dugans, across the street from The Palace. As I had a few beers and walked the boardwalk, I would dream of the day that Asbury Park would once again be alive, vibrant, and creating even more memories. I have not given up on those dreams!!! Sharon Towers, Manhattan, PS- Please let me know how to become a member of Save Tillie, what I can do to help, etc. Thanks very much!
From: Manhattan, KS

Kathy Hobbins Friday, 10/20/00, 9:25 PM
From: Alberta Canada

Jim Intermaggio Thursday, 10/19/00, 7:22 PM
Greetings From Asbury Park 2000
Music pours from the open doors to the empty street outside
And Tillie tries to keep a smile but there's an empty look in those eyes
Beyond the boardwalk the sands deserted as if they were Fool's Gold
And pilgrims weep for memories and tell the stories they were told
"Bring back the Glory Days" they sing, "Bring back the Jersey Girls"
And they cry for the chance to ride again on the Tilt-A-Whirl
"Bring back the carnival lights To the boulevard"
And they search to find the town they know from an old postcard
The walls are filled with eyes and smiles of those who went before
And the faithful breathe the breath of their heroes as they wander in the door
They beg the pony on the wall,
"Tell us, what history did you see?
And could the gypsy ever tell the fortune quite as grim as it would be?"
The salt air off the crashing waves cools sunburned skin no more
But whistles through the broken panes and underneath the boarded doors
Abandoned ghost town of the east, once wild eastern summer Shore
Believers search for ways to cope, praying that there is still hope in what the future holds in store
"Bring back the Glory Days" they sing "Bring back the Jersey Girls"
And they cry for the chance to ride again on that Tilt-A-Whirl
"Bring back the carnival lights To the boulevard"
Where is the town they fell in love with on that old postcard?
And as darkness creeps from the eastern edge to blanket the entire town
The pilgrims board their train of faith and listen to its lonely sound
Broken-hearted saints and sinners leaving from the Promised Land
Tillie's empty eyes and fading smile in their hearts and old postcards in their hands
From: Fresh Back From the Stone Pony Web Site

Les Tuerk Thursday, 10/19/00, 6:50 AM
Here's to a life of too many mispent days riding indoor bumber cars and looking out of the Palace and seeing what Tillie saw. Once it's gone, it's gone
From: East Brunswick, Nj

Michael Murphy Wednesday, 10/18/00, 6:43 PM
as a fan of Mr. Springsteen's i would love to jointhe battle to SAVE TILLIE
From: New Jersey

Bob Rixon Sunday, 10/15/00, 6:12 PM
Dear Tillie: Great great great homestead site & great cause, too. I'm definitely putting you on my links page. Until we meet again on the banks of Wesley Lake, XXX rix
From: um, I live in The Windmill?
Web Site: Wesley Lake online 'zine

Carol Yearsley Sunday, 10/8/00, 6:30 PM
Yes, I was one of those kids who would spend entire days in Palace Amusements. The wonderful memories are indelibly etched in my memory. It was so good to hear about the unanimous vote to make it an historic site. Please keep me posted on the progress to have it restored. I am living in Ocean Grove, after thirty years of living in the West. One of the reasons I returned was because there appeared to be a renewed interest in restoring both towns. Count me in to help in some way.
From: grew up in Neptune and Asbury Park

Sharon Murray Tuesday, 10/3/00, 1:29 PM
I grew up in Cherry Hill,New Jersey and have been a devoted Bruce fan since the fall of 1973.I have been to Asbury Park twice and my last visit was November 23,1979. At that time,Asbury Park wasn't too bad to look at but from what I've been reading,I guess it's gotten worse. I was thinking that since Bruce is so well associated with Asbury Park,wouldn't it be great if he would do something to restore it to what it used to be.If he really put his heart into it,I know he could do it! He could buy the whole city and rename it "Bruce World".(Just kidding).I was happy to hear that the city will probably be approved to be listed in the Registry Of National Historic Places.I plan to
visit there again sometime in my lifetime so I can show it to my kids.
From: Fredericksburg, VA

Jack Patterson Monday, 10/2/00, 5:25 PM
I worked at Belmar Playland during 1974 thru 1976. After work, my buds and I would cruise to the circuit and check out the cars and people. But I still checked in at the Palace, Casino, and Convention Hall whenever I could. I remember going to the Asbury boards, wlaking between the Casin and Convention Hall. My parents and I window shopped on Sunday afternoons in Asbury Park (try explaining window shopping to kids today...). When the AP renewal started in the mid 80's, I was pretty optimistic, but when I saw what was done and undone, I was disappointed. Why start something big and risk the whole town when the money coud have been spread out amongst several smaller businesses? Now the city looks like a war zone! With the current flush of nostalgia for the old days (for me, late 60's, early 70's) AP could be the place to go, instead of the place to avoid. Maybe now some money and youthful exuberance will finally rebuild AP to something like it once was. Good luck!
From: Cincinnati, OH (Wall Class of 74)

kevin campbell Sunday, 10/1/00, 4:56 PM
the palace must be saved,asbury park will never be the same without tillie, If they destroy the palace,their will be no reason for myself and many others to go to asbury park.
From: sayreville new jersey

Nick Mancini Saturday, 9/30/00, 7:09 AM
I was just wondering if anyone knew in details what the situation with the Palace is as of NOW. I have read the latest news about the Historical Society approving the building and all to be a historic landmark, but I still am confused on a few things. 1# Can the Palace still be torn down by owner Joseph Carabetta? After all he does own it! 2# Why didn't Carabetta fight to keep the Palace OFF the historical list??? I mean, if he wanted the Palace saved wouldn't he have let Save Tillie make those repairs they offered to do at no charge to him??? These are a few things that have crossed my mind after reading the September 27th update on the Palace. If anyone has any other details or facts, please e-mail me ar THANKS. Nick Mancini
From: South Amboy

John Predovan Wednesday, 9/27/00, 8:20 PM
As a pretty young Bruce fan (I'm 18), I visited Asbury Park for the first time this summer. I was really disturbed with the condition that the city and the Palace is in. Yet at the same time I was mystified and excited. The songs came alive to me as I visited the places that Bruce sang about and went to places that I've seen pictures of, like the Stone Pony, Madame Marie's, the boardwalk, the Casino, and of course, the Palace. I would love to take another ride down the shore to spend more time in Asbury Park. I am worried, however, that the next time I go, these landmarks won't be there. We need to keep these places going. It is up to us, the fans. Remember the words,
"No retreat baby, no surrender."
From: Hawthorne, NY

Melissa Wednesday, 9/27/00, 9:33 AM
I have been to Absury Park countless times. It's one of my favorite places and I hold it close to my heart. I wasn't around to see Asbury Park in all it's glory, but I know I will be this time around. SAVE TILLE, SAVE ASBURY PARK!!!!!
From: Manalapan

Nadine Tuesday, 9/26/00, 8:20 PM
Faith will be indeed be rewarded! Good luck tomorrow! The vibes are being sent your way. Please let us know
the outcome as soon as you can.
From: Lake Hiawatha, NJ
E-mail:  ngray@whogee.comm
Dale Ahearn Monday, 9/25/00, 1:41 PM
Thinking about you today on the year anniversary of the best show I saw of the Reunion Tour.....Philly,
9/25/99......had to think of Save Tillie on this day and stop in to wish you the best of luck in your Sept. 27th
presentation to State Historical Preservation Board. I'll be thinking of you on that day and Faith will be
rewarded, as we all know. Dale coB
From: Washington, DC
Nadine Wednesday, 9/20/00, 9:48 PM
My sister and I just returned from our first trip to Asbury Park. As Springsteen fans from 25 years ago, I'm
sorry we'd never been there before now. Popular culture icons like Tillie and the rest of the amazing Palace and
boardwalk area must be preserved. We bought our "Save Tillie' T-shirts. Is there any more we can do to help?
From: Lake Hiawatha, NJ
donna mascola Wednesday, 9/13/00, 9:13 AM
I have many wonderful childhood memories of spending summers with my grandparents in Asbury Park.
Seeing Tille has always given me a special thrill, even now!! It was always such a magical place to visit. I'm so
happy that there are so many people that care and are working so hard to save Tille. I have bored my 2 sons silly
with stories of that amusement park. It would be a dream come true if I could bring my teenage sons there
someday. Maybe someday I could bring my grandchildren there. Let the magic live. Save Tille!!!
From: cranford, nj
Robert Leitch Thursday, 9/7/00, 3:52 AM
Sorry no e mail or web address. I visited Tillie in June this year. How can anyone not fail to be moved by the
state its in. If you have a sense of history and a Springsteen fan then like me you should do what you can to help
save Tillie. I would like to sign up to your campaign - please send me details to the address below - I will do
what I can from overhere. I know that Tony Blair is a Springsteen fan - one of his favourite songs is 4"July
Asbury Park (Sandy)- I will write to him - you never know! Anyway - I have limited access to the web so please
post me details - I will be happy to refund the postage. Robert Leitch C/O DIFID Victoria Street Victoria
London SW1 England UK CHEERS ROB
From: England
Robert Leitch Thursday, 9/7/00, 3:44 AM

Nick Mancini Monday, 8/28/00, 6:04 PM
I know this is really a Palace guestbook but I have a few questions about the Casino. If anyone can help me I
would be very grateful. First off, does anyone have or know where to find pics of the INSIDE of the Casino
when it was in operation? Doesn't matter what year or what they were using it for at the time. I already have a
postcard "painting" of the inside but i want REAL pics. The other is also another Casino question. What the
heck is gonna' happen to that building? I hear that it's already on a list for being redone, is this true? I was inside
the Casino about 2 months ago and it's in horrible shape! I don't see this place getting saved, it's too run down.
So if anyone can help me with either of these situations I would appreciate it. Thanks.
From: south amboy, nj

Peggy Monday, 7/31/00, 7:12 PM
I have visited AP and Tillie 3 times. I am mezmorized by the history that comes alive when I stand anywhere
near the palace or casino areas. I have some breathtaking photos of Tillie which I have enlarged to accompany
my amusement park room in my home which is in progress. It was amazing to see after 5 years between visits
how much worse things looked including Tillie. I am hopeful that the right decisions are made and some
investor comes along to bring AP boardwalk back to life.
From: South Bend, IN

Richie Tuesday, 7/18/00, 7:26 PM
I really hope that someday the proper steps will be taken to help Tillie. For something that has been around for
so long and has so much meaning for the Garden State, it's a wonder why nothing hasn't already been done. So
far, I've been to Asbury Park twice. Even thought it looks like a war zone, I can't help but think back to the time
the music scene exploded and wondered what it was like down there. Hopefully one day, something similar
might happen again.
From: North Jersey

Jan Funhouse Monday, 7/17/00, 3:42 PM
Hi Again, Opp... sorry, I don't realized that your GB can't handle HTML code :=( Keep up the good work!
From: New Jersey
Web Site:  Funhouse

Jan Funhouse Monday, 7/17/00, 3:37 PM
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cool work!<BR> </H4> <p> <p align="center"> <a href=""> <img border="0"
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From: New Jersey
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Alex Scott Sunday, 7/16/00, 2:02 PM
I'm new to showing interest in the Save Tillie campaign, and I'm ashamed to admit that. I spent countless
unforgetable evenings, and nights in Asbury Park during the 80's. I just got married last week and I wanted to
take my new wife to the place that meant so much to me over the years. Obviously, with the state of Asbury
park, the ciruit, and Tillie, my wife was left unimpressed. She was touched, however by the magnitude of my
feelings, and my sense of loss. Obviously, we can't go back, at my age, I can't spend many Sunday Nights at the
Stone Pony anymore, but saving our memories can help create new ones for others. Although it's late in the
game, I am willing to do what ever I can to further this cause. You folks have done and outstanding job thus far,
and I will offer my support in any way I can. NO SURRENDER!
From: Pennsylvania/formerly NJ

Christopher Kurczeski Friday, 7/14/00, 5:55 PM
lets take this lying bas*ards down, its all politics and with some wit and some drive we can win this battle... lets
do it now before its to late!!!
From: Monroe Twp NJ

kory carroll Thursday, 7/13/00, 8:26 PM
I would not give back "ONE" of my Greatest Memories of growing up on the Jersey Shore! Oh the memories I
have of walking the "Boards" and eating the Best Food that a person could eat on the Boardwalk! And a stop at
the "Palace Amusements" as soon as I would see My Friend's Face (Tillie) I would get a Smile on my Face Just
like TILLIE'S, knowing that I would be on the many Rides the Palace offered me. Oh how those Memories
Warm My Heart. Please Don't Take The Palace Away From Me! SAVE THE PALACE & TILLIE & ASBURY
From: Saint Cloud Florida

Mike S Thursday, 7/6/00, 6:55 PM
It really is a shame that a lot of people really don't care about this piece of history. Thanks to all the supporters
of Tillie and Palace Amusements, the goal to keep them around is still possible, but if it's going to happen, you
have to publicize more, get more people involved, get some sponsors, etc. Beachfront Asbury Park must be
saved and restored...better than Point Pleasant, better than Seaside Heights!
From: Spring Lake, NJ

kelly Thursday, 7/6/00, 6:18 PM
asbury park has lost so much of its' character it would be a shame to take away another piece of its history. we
must save tiliie!
From: CT

ray petreshosk Wednesday, 7/5/00, 7:05 PM
...beyond the palace hemi powered drones scream down the boulevard... hey saw your site asbury is a great
place. as a fan of archecture,the boss sand ,music, hope and the palace .ive visited asbury 5 or 6 timer over the
years and icant believe how magical that place is .how the songs jump out at you when you notice something
.[10th ave ,palace,circuit etc.]mylast visit was yesterday 4th of july in asbury park. i had to do it . i didnt find
sandy but i took my harley ....and rode like brando into the sun....
From: gloucester nj

William R. Loux Sunday, 7/2/00, 4:09 PM
Fond memories should be enough to make folks contribute to keep the Palace Alive!! Order the T- Shirts..
show your support!!!!
From: Edison New Jersey

Jeff Plummer Friday, 6/30/00, 8:40 PM
Visited Asbury Park and Freehold after seeing Bruce at MSG on 6/15/00 and 6/17/00. It will stay with us
forever, it was great seeing everything in person. I hope Tillie is saved. We will do our part !
From: Cambria, Ca
Web Site:  Cambria Internet Resources

Mark Poklemba Wednesday, 6/21/00, 8:03 PM
Memories of The Palace, Casino, the Swan Boats and the Asbury Park I grew to know and love are great
memories.. To think of losing the Palace and Tillie to the wracking ball would be a monumental act of
vandalism.. Thinking about never seeing the green beacon at the end of Kingsley would leave a hole in the sole
of everyone who ever visited or heard of the greatest amusment center that the Jersey Shore ever had ! WE
(New Jerseyans) lost Palisades Amusement Park to a bunch of Robber Baron Land Developers and City
Officals.. It seems like the Palace is heading in the same fate !! Let us change fate and not let the Palace have the
same one that Palisade's had in 1972.. Besides visting a little monument on the corner of Kingsley and Cookman
or Tillie's image in the A.P. Transportantion Complex just wouldn't be the same.. Just asked the people who
remember Palisade's. And beside went friend's children hear the song "Palisade's Park"and ask me,"Was there a Palisade's Park?" and it hurts so much remembering it. I don't want them to hear Born to Run and ask about the Palace and me feeling the same way ! Good luck and God's Speed.....
From: Bayville, NJ

michael Thursday, 6/15/00, 7:03 PM
i've been coming to asbury park since i was little, let's say 45 years. honestly i never noticed tillie back then
although i always visited palace amusments and the casino carousel. the first time i really noticed was once
when i came down with a bunch of other teenagers in the mid-1960's. we decided it was a charicature of an
unfortunate mental patient or at best an unsophisticated somebody from a rural area who just hit the bigger city.
it's nice that a group of people are trying to save it, but a neon face is just a neon face. the vitality of mid-century
asbury park is gone forever.
From: new york city

Scott Schnipper Monday, 6/12/00, 10:02 AM
Good luck Nothing can ever replace or recreate the thrill of reaching for a gold ring while careening around the
Palace's carousel.
From: New York by way of Summit by way of the summer of 1969 in Convention Hall
E mail:
R. Church Jr. Monday, 6/5/00, 4:11 PM
I have very fond memories of the Palace when I was younger. I enjoyed the Ferris Wheel ride with my mother
along with the old bumper cars. However I was very young at the time and did not appreciate the Palace
building for what it is. I live way up here in the north so somebody please fill me in on what is going on with
Tillie and the building. SAVE TILLIE!
From: Lake Hopatcong
E mail:

Tillie Monday, 6/5/00, 4:10 PM
I sure hope tillie can be saved! how he can still smile with all that has gone on around him is remarkable. i think
he's going to smile even wider when all of the rest of asbury park is bulldozed under in the name of good taste.
From: Asbury Park

Kathy Cherry Monday, 6/5/00, 4:07 PM
Hello again! Just want to say that I am more and more optimistic than ever before about Asbury Park and the
Palace. I am keeping positive thoughts for the Asbury Park and its precious Palace! I visit there very often and
the more I visit there, the more I keep hoping for the best - that the process of redevelopment will begin soon
and that the Palace will be restored VERY soon! I also visit this site very often and enjoy all that is here to see -
the postcard pics, the pics of the inside of the Palace and of course, all the updates and articles. Keep up the
great work, everyone!!! I will definitely be back again to visit!! All the best to everyone! :) Kathy Cherry
From: Wall, NJ
Betty Ann Berube Monday, 6/5/00, 4:05 PM
I have fond memories of visiting the Palace Amusement Center when I was younger. My favorite memroy is of
the carousel inside where you could reach for the brass ring and win a free ride. I think I still have one of those
rings somewhere. I agree that the artwork outside the building of Tillie should be saved. Just seeing that face on
the wall reminds of wonderful times. I know especially since the area has changed so much, that many people
would like to remember that spot when it was a good place to go.
From: Little Silver, New Jersey
Kathy Cherry Monday, 6/5/00, 4:03 PM
I have found your website very informative and, as of now, very encouraging. I am ecstatic, to say the least, of
the hopeful and positive news regarding the Palace!!! I have visited Asbury Park many times, even as a child
and when I see it in its current condition, I just want to cry! To me, Asbury Park is the most magical places on
the Jersey Shore. My grandparents brought my brother and I there every summer when we were about six or
seven years old. I'll never forget those precious memories I have of Asbury. I was too young to go in the Palace
and take part in the fun, but I am still holding hope inside that I will have that chance to go inside the Palace for
the first time in my life. Last year, after hearing the horrible news of the Palace possibly coming down, I had
held a postcard of the Palace as it used to look and I broke down and cried because of the talk of it being torn
down, but now, with the renewed hope that it may be restored, I now have turned my tears to smiles of joy and
excitement, hoping that I will now have that chance to enter that Palace for the first time in my life. To this day,
I refuse to believe that the Palace is beyond hope of restoration and a new beginning!!!! Tillie has sure made me
smile a great many times and still does!!! I am overjoyed to hear of the positive step forward with the
preservation of the Palace. I'm also thinking positive for the rest of the oceanfront buildings and boardwalk to
follow suit of the Palace's restoration. To destroy the Palace is the same as destroying a piece of history and a
great birthplace of memories for a great many people! As I always say: Where there's a will, there's a way, so I
know there is a way for the Palace to be restored! I refuse to believe anything else!!!! I have recently wrote a
book about Asbury and the Palace. It is a fictional book about my dream to see Asbury come back to the way it
was. I have sent it in to a publisher and it may be a few weeks or more before I hear an answer, but some of the
proceeds will be donated to the A.P. Historical Society for the restoration efforts of Asbury. I can only hope at
this point, that if and/or when it is published, it will sell very well so that I can contribute something to the
rebuilding of Asbury Park. The deep love I have for Asbury Park is tremendous, which has partially inspired me
to write this book (outside of the fact that I enjoy writing fiction/fantasy stories). Well, I believe this message is
more than long enough and I apologize for the length of it!!! I just have a lot to share with everyone at the "Save
Tillie" organization and everyone who has the same love for Asbury as I do. Please keep thinking positive for
Asbury and the Palace!!! I know that nothing is impossible where there is hope - and there is much hope for the
Palace and Asbury!!! Thank you, Warner, for what you have done thus far for the preservation of the Palace!!!!
I greatly appreciate it, my friend!!!!!! I wish you all the best!!!! Thank you, everyone at "Save Tille" for making
me feel so much better after what I thought would be a total loss - Tillie being gone forever!!! I just couldn't
bear the thought of Tillie or the Palace becoming rubble!! Thanks for easing my mind!!!! Well, all the best to
Warner Baumgartner and the Historical Society and all of you at Save Tille!!!! Take care and stay well!!!
From: New Jersey

Mark Scott Monday, 6/5/00, 3:58 PM
Great page, great cause, great possibility.
From: New Brunswick, NJ
Web Site:  Just Medium Homepage

Jennifer B. Monday, 6/5/00, 11:50 AM
I am completely distraught and amazed that a town could just let Tillie fall to shame. It's just so sad. What ever
happened? I don't understand how something so beautiful could just crumble away. When in the history of the
world does a shore town look like a war zone? I never knew or thought it was possible. By war zone I mean
because of the condition of the once beautiful buildings, boardwalk and amusement park. Doesn't the mayor
care about the town's history? I just doesn't make sense. My fiance and I came to see the town and beach of
Asbury and the two of us were so upset by what we saw. I felt as though I was in a ghetto. What ever happened
to county funding? Is it all being pocketed by selfish political fiends? Your town needs to find out the REAL
answers. Hopefully when or if someone with real pull (i.e., Bruce Springsteen) were to get involved in what was
the subject of a lot of their songs, maybe something would get done and someone would finally listen.
From: Holland, Pennsylvania
John Larish Sunday, 6/4/00, 9:25 PM
Hi Everyone, I just had the chance to visit Asbury Park yesterday. I'm glad I did. I have been a Springsteen fan
for years and it was good to see the place that inspired some of his early work. I'm glad the Stone Pony is open
again. It's such a great place to see a band. I really hope that this town can be revitalized and the Palace and
Tillie can be saved. When my fiancee and I walked along the lake up to the casino. We wondered what this
place must have been like in its heyday. Does anyone know what that huge tower next to the casino was for???
Anyway, good luck to the Save Tillie effort. Any time that I can spare for the cause (web work) is yours. John
From: Philadelphia

Michael Cummons Friday, 6/2/00, 11:41 AM
Great site. Continue the excellent work!
From: Jersey Shore, Lincolnville, Maine

Frank Wednesday, 5/24/00, 11:15 PM
I started to truly listen to Bruce Springsteen's music back several years. As I listned to the music and read
various things I realized I had to go "down there" and see what it was all about for myself. When I got there I
couldn't believe that those places actually existed. The horrible condition of the Palace only seemed to amplify
the messages of hope and youth I got from Bruce's music. I'm too young to have ever seen Tilly back when
things were alright, but there would be nothing better than bringing back the boardwalk and Palace to those
great images I've seen in photos, and have heard people talk about. I go through there once every couple of
months and I always get a "magical" feeling when I do.I'm really glad somebody is doing something to make it
right. Good luck!:) :) :)
From: New Jersey
Lauren Winters Friday, 5/12/00, 8:00 AM
I am producing a film about Asbury Park and am actively seeking any and all information (especially photos,
film footage and postcards) about the city. I would love to speak with anyone who could add to this project. I
can be reached via my email address: Looking forward to hearing from you! La
From: Belmar, NY

Dale Thursday, 5/11/00, 8:34 AM
I grew up in Deal and Oakhurst and spent many weekends with my dad and my brother riding bikes to AP and
hanging out at the boardwalk - the Casino, Palace, miniature golf, the Tilt-A-Whirl, refreshments at Howard
Johnsons, the beach, etc. (and then the Pony and other fleeting clubs when we got older). I hope that someone or
some organization can get Asbury Park's act together. What a prime piece of real estate (the oceanfront) to
waste! It's so eerie -- it would be awesome to have all of these things available to my kids when we visit NJ.
Long live Asbury Park!
From: Gaithersburg, MD

betty wheeler Wednesday, 5/3/00, 5:03 PM
I was born in Long Branch and raised in Neptune City I spent alot of time on the boardwalk in Asbury Park and
i went back two years ago to an oldies concert at the old Paramount theater and i was so unhappy to see how
they let the boardwalk go.... Why don't they rebuild it and get the visitors back and make it a better place to
bring our families to show them how it was for us when we were children....
From: georgia

Alice Schram Monday, 5/1/00, 6:41 AM
The Tillie sign was put up the same year that I was born, I have great memories of the amusement ctr as a kid I
remember going on the carosel & like every other kid waving to my parents a thousand times as it went around.
Now I have a son who also loves that sign & the park, we dont want to lose it! Its our history & part of our
family. We are originally from the shore area, both my husband & I, my favorite album cover is from Greetings
from A.P. " Springsteen". ASBURY PARK was once a great town, we were married in the 1st united methodist
church & lived in ocean grove for a short time, I hope this park & this great sign will be saved, we already lost
that beautiful old carosel, lets not allow this park to be just a memory.
From: Greenwood lake NY

CEB Saturday, 4/29/00, 6:55 PM
I live in San Antonio, TX now but often think of my childhood in Neptune and of visits to the Asbury Park
Boardwalk. Having a June birthday, we went to the Palace often to celebrate. I have baby pictures of myself on
the Carousel in Ocean Grove (in 1956). God, I loved the area around Wesley Lake and jumped at every
opportunity to go there. We used to watch the fireworks every 4th of July at Sunset Lake, were the fountain
changed colors and my little brother and I were convinced it was magic. My grandmother lived down the street
from Convention Hall and was always willing to take a walk down to the boardwalk and let us ride the spinning
teacups and have a candy apple. I wasn't allowed to go to the Palace without an adult as my mother said that
there were "unsavory characters hanging around down there." LOL! Recently remarried, my new husband and I
went to NJ to visit my folks, who now live in Forked River. I wanted to see all my old haunts. Bradley Park
School was boared up and sad. The old Neptune High School, where I went to 6th grade, was empty and
lonely-looking. Shafto's Garage was gone. One of the things on my agenda was to go to Asbury Park as I had
not been there in many years. Steinbachs was history, as was Howard Lynn shoes. (a trip was made there twice a
year for new shoes.) It was all looking pretty sad to me, but my heart didn't break until I saw the Palace, Wesley
Lake and the boardwalk. My mother had warned me but I was still not prepared for the steep decline of the area.
It was with a very heavy heart that I took a few photos, got in the car and left. All in all, a very depressing day.
But there IS hope, I see. Thanks to you all, maybe things aren't as grim as they seem and not only will the Palace
be saved but also some of the cherished memories I have of the area. Thank you so much for your efforts. They
are greatly appreciated by many I am sure. I look forward to my next visit to NJ and will definately keep up to
date on things via your website. Thanks again and God bless you!
From: Neptune, NJ

Michelle Kollar Thursday, 4/27/00, 8:51 PM
I think it's great what you guys are doing, this building is a historical landmark that should be saved. I am 30
years old and first visited Asbury Park when I was 15 that was the only time I was there. I have been a big
Springsteen fan since I was 14 and wanted to go and see what all that stuff was he was writing about. When I
was there I felt like I was part of something that was larger than life, even though the buildings and boardwark
were empty it was an experience I will never forget. Just the feeling of being there and standing on the
boardwalk where it used to be such a happening place. I would love to visit there a second time but that time I
want to see it the way it was meant to, and should be seen, ALIVE!!
From: Bensalem, PA

Nick Mancini Tuesday, 4/25/00, 6:05 PM
I must say thaT I am VERY happy to hear that the Palace received a good evaluation. I hope the Palace is
saved. This is a very important piece of Jersey Shore History. But on another note...does anyone know where I
can get pics of the Casino (also in asbury park) when it was opened? And I was wondering if anyone knows
anything about the Casino, it going to be saved? Is there a historical society trying to save it? If you
have any info or pics on either subject, please e-mail me, thanks. Here is a cool before and after morph of the
From: South Amboy, NJ
Web Site:  Nick's Godzilla/Kaiju Game Page
Mary-Jo Thursday, 4/13/00, 7:19 AM
I wish I could do more to help, but my thoughts and gratitude are with all of you at Save Tillie.
From: Dover, NH

Ted Tucker Tuesday, 4/11/00, 11:01 AM
Thanks to Little Steven Van Zandt "Silvio", all fans of the show "The Sopranos" got to see Tillie on Sunday
night 4/9. Just like an "E Streeter" helping the cause! Rave on Tillie!
From: Piscataway, New Jersey

William Repka Tuesday, 4/4/00, 1:16 PM
Great job...........
From: Monmouth Beach, NJ

Gil Sunday, 4/2/00, 7:14 PM
The Palace and "Tillie" MUST be saved. I only hope, along with the rest of you who feel so strongly about this
issue,that they WILL be saved. I have seen Bruce Springsteen in concert many times in my more than two
decades of following his music,however the trip I made to Asbury Park,NJ on Nov. 26th 1996 for his Solo
Acoustic Tour concert at the Paramount Theatre was something special. Even though the area was not what it
must have been at one time,"IT" was still there. The "MAGIC" was all around. It was as though you were
emersed in it,and in your minds eye you COULD experience THE PAST in all its glory!!
From: Rocky Point , NY

Tim Milner Friday, 3/10/00, 6:19 AM
From: Huddersfield, England

Julie Thursday, 3/9/00, 2:48 PM
I visited Asbury in September this year, there's no doubt that the magic is still there, seeing all those places
come to life was really special. It was so sad to see that the area was in such a poor state. Tillie must be saved,
and Asbury Park restored. I hope to visit again with my husband and daughter (aged 2) - she is a regular visitor
to your site! She loves the smiling face of Tillie. Keep up the good work.
From: Skelmersdale, England
Michelle Sharpe Thursday, 3/9/00, 9:41 AM
I visited Asbury Park in 1992 and got some great photos/video footage of 'our Tillie' If the unmentionable
should ever happen at least I will have a living memory. Keep up the battle !
From: Yorkshire, England

Giacomo Squintani Sunday, 2/27/00, 2:52 PM
I had the pleasure of visiting Asbury Park for the first time in September, together with fellow like- minded
individuals from England on a tour to see Springsteen in Philadelphia. We spent a day in Asbury and it was a
very moving experience. To see that world that still comes alive today in the songs of Bruce Springsteen,
Southside Johnny and other Asbury Park/N.J. legends struggling to stay alive in today's real world was
extremely saddening. Yet, encouraged by Tillie's smile, I believe there is still hope. I have met people from the
'Save Tillie' foundation and I am hoping that future developments will allow this piece of history to remain a
reality. Wishing those involved all the best, g.o.s.
From: Sheffield, England
Web Site:  The Yorkshire Squint [in construction]

dave Saturday, 2/19/00, 3:43 AM
My brother moved to monmouth beach new jersey when i was ten years old. Asbury park and the palace
amusements was one of my favorite places. It was the beginning of my lifelong link to my second home. The
music of Bruce Springsteen has been an inspiration and a joy, and I have made many friends through his music.
The music has also helped me through the hard times. Tillie is a symbol of everything I remember about the
New Jersey shore. I remember the fun house in the palace with the tilted room, the money sweepers in the
arcade, the ski ball, and most vividly, the tilt a whirl, where we once complained to the ride operator that we
weren't going fast enough. With that comment, we entered a centrifical spin that pulled the skin from our faces
back, seemed like it would never end. Oh, the memories. I hope Tillie is preserved. We need to have standing
memorials to our past. It feels right.
From: milford, connecticut

Joe Stefankiewicz Friday, 2/18/00, 6:06 PM
I can still remember coming to Asbury in 1976 to see Bruce at the Pony..even though I was too young to get
in.(16)...but the magic of the palace..I remember the Ferris wheel strutting out of the roof...and the Charcoal Pit
sign...and the Tillie face... As years went by and I came to Asbury 21 years later.pretty much by accident....I
pretty much was amazing..To see the Palace as it well as the Casino....a damn shame...I have
family in Allenhurst to the north..and I remember my brother and I turning onto Kingsley Avenue from around
Deal Lake on Easter Sunday 1998..when I stared straight ahead down the street....There was Tillie right in front
of me...That building..that face...and the magic must be saved...cause as my kids grow to love Springsteen's
music as I have..I want to show them that these places really existed...It is incredible how the music of one
man..combined with the allure of a run down little seaside town..can give you one hell of a good feeling..Thanks
for the great site..
From: Upper Darby PA
Judy Sunday, 1/30/00, 3:16 PM
Visited Asbury Park this summer after seeing Bruce. Really felt the spirit of days gone by, and we truly hope
you are successful in returning the Palace, Tillie and Asbury Park to it's former glory. Keep the faith!!
From: Massachusetts

B. MacArthur Monday, 1/17/00, 1:05 PM
Tillie is the Mona Lisa of our time, and, by the way, what is that thing coming out of
his/her mouth? Anybody got a picture of Tillie's neon lit up? Save Tillie!
From: Leonia, NJ
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Darkride and Funhouse Historical Society Monday, 1/17/00, 1:00 PM
Hi Guys: We here at "The Darkride and Funhouse Historical Society" wish to lend its
full support to saving Both the Palace and the facade of the Funhouse that once used to
feature animated stunts built by the "Old King Cole" Co., and marketed by the PTC
compnay of coaster fame as well as the facade of the "Haunted Castle", which featured
Classic Pretzel built 1930's style cars, of which there is only one currently operating with
these type of style cars. We will have an upcoming article soon on both the Palaces
darkrides and the two Funhouses in both buildings, and throw our support to you and
your fine group! Take care, and keep the faith! Stranger things have happened! Sincerely,
Bret Malone "The Darkride and Funhouse Historical Society"
Web Site:  Laff-In-the-Dark

Bonnie Sunday, 1/16/00, 7:21 PM
I wish you could save the palace and Tillie from a wrecking ball.Such a shame to lose a
beautiful piece of history,Good luck !!!
From: Manahawkin
Web Site:  Bonster
steve and karen Sunday, 1/16/00, 1:18 PM
hoping to visit asbury park one day , hoping tillie still around , bruce fans drop us a line ,
good luck
From: southern england